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Sunday, December 27, 2015

American as Apple Pie

Hillary and the Democrats defended immigration policies that let the San Bernadino mass murderers enter USA.  The rest of us weren’t so slack-jawed about learning that the terrorists were Muslim.  There seems to be some sort of Trend going on here.  The Media and the Democrats just can’t quite figure it out.  They were counting on Amnesty and a chance to get all those illegals as a solid voting block.  So here, courtesy of Ann Coulter are a few examples of the Trend.

MN Somali gangs trafficking girls for sex—29 Somali immigrants in 2010 were indicted for human trafficking over 100 girls, about half Somalis and half Afro-American plus 3 Caucasian Americans. In 20 years Minnesota has gone from being 99% Scandinavian and German and Polish descent to 20% African immigrant refugees.  In 2002, police shot Abu Kassim Jeilani for walking down the middle of a street waving a machete and then trying to slash the cops.  This caused a civil rights eruption among the Somali community because his “civil rights” had been violated. (In Mogadishu, you can do this.)

Honor killings.  In St. Louis, a Palestinian, Zein Isa taped the murder of his daughter as he stabbed her to death and she shrieked for mercy.  Jurers, who voted for the death penalty, said they would never get that video out of their minds, it was so hideous.  But the Muslim community complained that this verdict did not respect their culture. Actually this is true.  Islam holds that Allah holds entire families responsible for the sins of one person, so to eradicate say, a girl who listens to pop music, an honor killing is called for. (Does this give you a clue why virtually no patents or innovations come out of the Middle East except Israel?)

Boston Bombing. Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were allowed into this country via a policy that allows other countries to dump certain problem groups on us when we perceive the officialdom of that country to be bad as well.  From Russia with love. Two years before the bombing Tamerlan and another immigrant from the Peaceful Religion slit the throats of 3 Jewish men on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, which, as I recall was also the work of immigrants of the Peaceful Religion who had overstayed visas. Dzhokhar and Tamerlan were tremendous assets to America, getting welfare and Fs in school.

Ft. Hood. Major Nidal Malik Hasan was the son of Palestinians and an anchor baby prior to the 1986 Amnesty.  His parents ran a restaurant—a job no American will do. 

Shopping Mall Maul.  The Salt Lake City Trolley Square Mall murders of 2007 were committed by Bosnian immigrant Sulejman Talovic who was a high school dropout with a juvenile record.

College murders. The Appalachian School of Law murders of 3 people by Nigerian immigrant Peter Odighizuwa, who was mad at America because he was flunking law school, occurred in 2002.  He was a 43-year old student who overstayed his visa.  Apparently INS thought he needed to address our chronic shortage of 43-year-old lawyers.

Ali Hassan Abu Kamal shot 2 American musicians in the head atop the Empire State building.  Oh, he was 68 and came with his extended family. Apparently not a pop music fan.

Najibullah Zazi tried to bomb the NY subway but was apprehended.  Functionally illiterate high school dropout and an anchor baby whose parents were Afghani.  His co-conspirators, Zarein Ahmedzay, drove a cab and also came from Afghanistan.  And Adis Medunjanin was Bosnian and actually was a legalized citizen, though he spent his entire childhood in Bosnia.

Mumbai. Daood Sayed Gilani conspired with the Pakistani military to carry out 4 days of terrorists attacks on hotels, movie theatres and hospitals in Mumbai, India.  He had moved to Philadelphia at age 17 and adopted the name David Coleman Headley but had been busted importing heroin from Pakistan.  After Mumbai, NY Times became fascinated with “The Jihadist Next Door” and gave examples of plots that were “leaving intelligence operatives scurrying for answers”.  Those who caused the scurrying were, Najibullah Zazi (Afghan), Daood Sayed Gilani(Pakistani), Umer Farooq (Pakistani), Waqar Khan (Pakistani), Ramy Zamzam (Egyptian), Amed Abdullah Minni (Eritrean), and Aman Hassan Yemer (Ethiopian).  All are members of the Peaceful Religion. And I might add, names worth at least 30 points in Scrabble.  And are giving my spell checker conniption fits as I write this.

27% of terrorists and mass murderers are legal immigrants, 57% are illegals. 59% are members of the Peaceful Religion. You noticing any kind of Trend?

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Years ending in 15

A year ending in 15 has enormous centennials.  2015 was the 1700th anniversary of the Christian cross and Chi-Rho, the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, 500th anniversary of Luther’s beginning as a reformer, 400th anniversary of the probable death of William Shakespeare, 300th anniversary of the Jacobite uprising and beginning of English Parliament’s accendancy over kings, 200th anniversary of Waterloo and the end of the War of 1812, 150th anniversary of end of the Civil War, 70th of WWII and 40th of Vietnam.

Some weird twists happened with many of these. In 312 Constantine crossed the Rubicon and defeated a rival for Caesar.  Christian father and historian Eusebius dutifully recorded that Constantine told him that he had a dream to “conquer in this sign”, the cross, which he had his soldiers put on their shields.  But was Constantine telling the truth? Other witnesses to the battle for Rome say that a cross was implanted in a circle which was the symbol for the unconquered sun of Rome’s religion and the Manichean religion.  It may have been that Constantine was just playing to unity with both a Christian cross and a pagan symbol.  A lot of his soldiers were converts of these two non-mainstream religions. He may have just been a shrewd politician playing his power with the changing times.  We do know this.  In 313, Constantine made Christianity the official religion. By 315 AD Christianity had swelled to 36 million of 100 million Romans and Constantine first began to mint coins showing him wearing a helmet with a Chi-Rho embossed on it.  (Greek letters superimposed and standing for “Jesus Christ”) His mother became a devout Christian convert.  The church, which had for 3 centuries used a fish as their symbol, abruptly began using the cross.  It is almost as if the shame of a crucifixion was too much to publicly advertize until then. Wearing crosses around the neck would be like you and I running around with little electric chair necklaces.  

The Magna Carta was signed by King John at Runnymede on June 15, 1215--a desperate king trying to buy time.  He’d lost most of his French territories even after cutting deals with the Holy Roman Emperor (Germany-Italy) and Pope.  Noblemen at home were rebellious over the war taxes and autocratic atrocities and so in order to keep his throne, he signed their wish list—trial by jury, independence of the church, trial by an assembly of peers and right to justice, limited taxes, and an approval committee of nobles for royal wars and treaties.  John slyly knew that the Pope would nullify this as a worthless piece of paper and a month later he did. But then a year later John died and his boy-king successor’s regent revived the Magna Carta to mollify the nobles.  Thus in the next centuries, Englishmen would come to claim the Magna Carta as applicable to not just nobles but all men.  The superiority of the church to king became the superiority of your chosen faith to government. “Assembly of peers” became trial by jury.  Right to justice became the right to a speedy trial. Limited taxation became the concept of limited government.  And the committee of approving nobles became English Parliament. Thus we recognize the first constitution in European history. It might be noted however, that King John surrounded himself with diehard statists that have descended down to this day known as the Democratic Party.

Martin Luther began publishing his lecture notes in 1515.  About the only men who could read in the Dark Ages were churchmen, and the tradition of illiterate knights and nobles (warriors, not scholars!) continued for centuries.  Luther was a born-again scholar of scriptures with much zeal, and his Compendium of Romans, published in 1515 was a stunning summary of grace and started him as the world’s first prolific, best-selling author.  In 36 months he published 30 books and oh, by the way, led much of the Protestant Reformation. 

Shakespeare wrote his last play in 1613 and died 2 or 3 years later in obscurity, 1615 or 1616. We don’t know the true date of his death! Wrote 38 plays and many poems.  Considered the father of modern drama, his plots and characters have inspired hundreds of knock-offs in theatre and movies ever since. And Hollywood refuses to pay Shakespeare’s heirs a dime, retaining a bevy of trial lawyers to protect what they consider “their own creations.”

1715 was the year that English kings gave way to prime ministers and parliament.  It started in 1701 when the British came together to write the Act of Settlement.  Queen Anne had lost her son, William, leaving the country without a clear line of succession, so the Act of Settlement defined all future kings and queens as must-be-Protestant heirs to the Stuart line.  But there was so much division in the Stuart house.  And, like they say, where there’s a will, there’s relatives.  Louis XIV of France wanted to declare his son as James III, but he wasn’t Protestant.  The nearest Protestant relative was Sophia of Hanover (German kingdom).  Alas, she died just a month before Anne died in 1714 and her son, George I became king of the United Kingdom of Britain and Scotland.  The Scots choked on this choice of a Lousy Kraut who couldn’t even speak English and wanted Lousy Louis’s son instead.  Known as Jacobites, these Scots held an uprising, but the Brits put them down in 1715.  George, who had just arrived the previous fall, and was more of a playboy (main interests were wine, women and horses) than being a strong monarch, went back to the security of Hanover and his mistresses, leaving government in the hands of Parliament. A few years later, Robert Walpole emerged as the first Prime Minister and was often de facto head of state in the absence of George I. And thus we also see members of the royal family have carried on the tradition of wine, women and horses.

So, 2015? I say it is the year of PARIS. 

P—Prevarication of Hillary over her emails and Benghazi

A—Alliance of Gays in Marriage as it became legal

R—Race Riots, attributed to killings by police of innocent black young men, but really Democrat exploitation

IS—Islamic State and the bewilderment of the West about what to do

And of course Paris, where Europe seems to have lost it’s non-chalance about terrorism. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Crazy Weekend

This was Crazy Weekend, where all the men do last minute shopping for Christmas. No! Wait until the 24th and you can get all the bargains!

 Obama said last week in Paris that terrorism is caused by global warming.  Now he’s headed off to Hawaii.  Nice to see him go right to the source for the causes of terrorism.  Did you see the Democrats new poster girl for immigration?  She has that head scarf and was out there in San Bernadino. 

Speaking of Spanish names, you can’t blame Steve Harvey for getting mixed up at Miss Universe.  He saw Miss Phillippines last name was Wurtzbach and must have said, “This is a misprint!  How can a Kraut come from Phillippines? Let’s give it to Colombia instead.”  Well that didn’t work, so he says he just read it wrong.  Reminds me of the time George Anderson, World Fancy Dance Champion for 9 years was demonstrating technique to Po High students.  He was standing there in his feathers and the principal introduced him with a slip of grammar.  And George, long time Ponca City resident and member of Ponca Tribe said, “What do you mean, ‘I come here’?  Where did you go to school?  Po High?”  So where did Steve Harvey get his reading skills?  Public School?

I see where Amazon banned hooverboards because of all the injuries to youth.  Wow! That will make Obama mad.  He had given funding support to the company that makes them (name sounds like Solyndra) so that all the young will sign up for Obamacare. Hillary is claiming great things for Obamacare.  It has signed up 9 million new folks who didn’t have insurance before.  6 million of these were just poor people who had never signed up for Medicaid but who are eligible.  2 million were people who, through your generous taxpayer subsidies, couldn’t get insurance before, many drug-use related conditions.  1.1 million are newly insured who could have been insured but just never wanted it.  Plus, Hill is so happy with costs.  Premiums are up only 71% and deductibles are up 81% since 2010.  So it’s really a rousing success, isn’t it.  Wait until the employers are required to provide insurance which is $5000-13000 per employee—or just pay the $2000 penalty.  It is estimated that 60-90 million people will lose employer health insurance.  Great program, that Obamacare!

Gosh, it is too bad the Syrians have to flee to Europe and USA.  They don’t have any rich neighbors in the Middle East who can take them in.  You know, nice Muslim country they where they will feel at home and has oil riches.  Apparently no such country exists.  So we have to come to their rescue.  Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, pledged support for Muslim groups that publicly advocate Jihad to destroy America from within. Back in the 50’s when I was growing up, we called this Treason, but now some people are nuanced. They tell me I’m just an old fogey. Obama lectured us on “what we are all about” and “our values”.  Is this the guy who gives taxpayer money to some abortion outfit which sells baby organs for profit?

Oh, are you still Christmas shopping and need a last minute tip?  There’s a new Muslim Chatty Cathy doll out.  I think it talks, but everybody is afraid to pull her string in back. Good luck with your shopping.  I stopped into a restroom at Walmart and someone had put a piece of tape on the hand dryer which read, “Press for a short message from the President.”

Friday, December 18, 2015

The War on the Young

So Disney has now added security personel and dogs.  Rightfully so, I would say.  But don’t mess with Minnie Mouse, she’s packin’.  And you see that Goofy character?  It’s really a bloodhound inside who can sniff a bomb 5 miles away. 

No really, how long are you young people going to keep voting Democrat?  If ever there was a war on young people, it is that party.  Sure, they promise to legalize marijuana—the better to make you a dependent pothead.  But consider how liberal policies really destroy the lives of people just getting started. 

Minimum wage.  Oh, it sounds good to propose $15 an hour.  If implemented, it would help the old union guys press for increases to stay ahead.  It would help the few people at the bottom who can keep their jobs, but it kills the entry job market.  So there you are filling out that form to apply for the job of your dreams and it says, “previous employment?”  What if you have next to nothing?  Sorry, you won’t get the dream job.  Or suppose your parents are not wealthy and you have to work for part of your means to get an education.  Sorry, few jobs available in the service industry.  They’ve all gone robotic and interactive.  Minimum wage absolutely kills young people’s chances for jobs. 

Obamacare.  Great, so you can stay on your parents health care up to 26.  Then what?  You have to buy insurance which is far more expensive for young people than their natural risk would dictate.  That’s because Obamacare demands the young pay more to subsidize the old guys. What if you don’t need insurance? You pay an ever-increasing penalty.  Like one person said, “I paid and I still don’t have any insurance.”  More than that, Obamacare puts a per-worker burden of $5000-$13,000 on employers in 2017.  Guess how many will opt to pay the $2000 penalty for not having health insurance and turn workers loose onto the exchange with the website from hell.  Or employers will opt for more automation.  (You don’t have to pay health care for a customer interface or a robotic cargo loader.) Oh, did I mention that Obamacare’s rules have made employers cut everybody’s part-time hours down to under 30?

Entitlements.  Social Security is about at the point where it brings in less money in payroll deduction than it pays out.  Medicare is also about to go negative this way.  By 2029—13 years from now—the number of retirees will double.  By that time, SS and MC, interest on the national debt, and other mandatory expenditures will be 71% of the budget and by 2050, 91%.  That crowds out discretionary spending on nice things like military protection and national parks.   The Dems have resisted and scuttled every fix of SS and MC spending for the past 20 years.  When you get to retirement age there won’t be much for you either.  Too bad because this could be fixed by increasing the retirement age or cutting benefits to the wealthy—most Republican plans.  The Dems insist on raising taxes and cutting benefits, a poison pill, knowing that the public won’t allow either one.  So the system is going broke, and the young people are still going to have to pay for it.

Economy.  If you load businesses down with regulation, the economy doesn’t grow.  Since 2009, the number of federal regulation pages has increased by as much as were created in all former history of our country. (thanks, Barack, for your executive orders) For the second time in the history of 37 recessions/recoveries in USA, our economy grows at less than 2% and jobs are scarce.  At the same time, people getting out of college have record debt. Student loans, that in their parent’s day were a $15 a month payment, have turned into a house-payment sized burden and it causes young people to spend a decade getting started.

The list could go on.  Education reform is anathema to Dems, but vitally needed by young families for school choice. Abortion has killed 60 million potential humans who would be working today to keep SS solvent. Dems have also created national debt that will someday come home to roost as either crushing inflation and interest rates or an endless stagnant economy.  And Dems are laying off people in the military, killing budding careers. With all this, why would any young person keep voting Dem?  Is the marijuana going to some people’s heads?   

What I'd love to hear

Yeah, I know everyone is angry at the direction of the country.  Yes, I know the CNN moderators wanted a cage fight between Rubio and Cruz and between everybody and Trump.  They almost got it.  But what I long to hear is a very very hopeful, optimistic, postive message that includes everyone of us like Reagan used to give.  Something like this.

“The Democrats point out an increasing gulf between rich and poor.  True.  They created it with bailouts of banks and Wall Street.  Now they bitch about their own mess.  But the American people know better.  The thing that improves the income gap is plentiful jobs for the ordinary people, for young people just out of college, for minorities.  The Democrat regulation, health insurance quagmire, and hidden taxation have created a bad environment for jobs which hurts the non-wealthy.  But we Republicans can fix that environment with the help of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businessmen and hard workers around this country.  Obama and Hillary created a mess in the Middle East, by shunning an agreement in Iraq that shoved the country into chaos, then supporting all manner of revolts without a plan.  That left a vacuum in power and refugees with terrorist infiltrators coming our way.  But America doesn’t put up with this nonsense. And we are going to elect a leader with more sense.  We’ve always been a country to follow courage not cowardice.  Americans have always run to the fight, not from it. And these damned Barbary pirates of ISIS had better run for their lives. 

“We founded this country on Judeo-Christian principles but one of those principles is you can be whatever you want to be. What we won’t tolerate is someone riding roughshod over our constitution and freedoms.  Americans fought hard for that and we’ll do it again.  We won’t tolerate bureaucracy putting an undue burden on us.  Government answers to us, not the other way around.  So here is a warning, We the People are coming to re-organize the bureaucracy and restore the pride of working for government as a Public Servant, not a public tyrant. 

“200 years ago we ended a war that everyone thought was hopeless to win against the greatest power on earth.  We were hurt by our own stupid mistakes and helped by heroism, but the victory came from two acts of God, a hurricane and a swollen Mississippi that gave us the power to defeat our adversary.  This century brings the challenges of an enemy who works by stealth and fanaticism, and the phoenix rise of neo-socialism that threatens what truly is America.  We will whip them both. And, as in 1815, we will stand up and say, ‘Then fight on we must/As our cause it is just./And this be our motto,/ In God is our Trust/ And the Star-Spangled Banner in Triumph shall wave/ O’er the land of the Free and the home of the Brave.’”

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cruz plays No Trump

The media is no longer populated by the sort of Mike Ryoko guys who had a pencil on their ear and went about town interviewing and researching topics to write an article.  Instead, they are sit-at-the-computer boobs who read each other and write editorialized articles called ‘advocacy journalism’.  And they are 90% liberals--to heck with accuracy.  A favorite game is he-said-she-said, wherein two people on each side of an issue are posted on television.  Trump knows how to play the press by making bombastic statements.  The media suckers fall for it every time.  They just can’t resist reacting to him and gathering other boobs who want to react to The Donald. Not only does he get huge air time, but Trump resonates with all the people who are so frustrated with Republican leaders that their head is about to explode. 

And then Rush Limbaugh and talk radio can’t help but jab the idiocy of the MSM, so their programs are non-stop punditry of Trump vs. Media.  In this case they side with Trump and he wins again. 

The trouble is, Trump’s statements are a mile wide tsunami and an inch deep.  Go to his website and look for an in-depth proposal and you find nothing.  Even the first things he said are still without strategic planning.  Take for example his talk about rounding up all illegals and sending them back to Latin America, then letting some back in by a big welcoming gate.  How’s he going to round up the drug cartel guys when they would avoid that at all cost?  If we couldn’t find Eric Rudolph, the Olympic Bomber for 2 years despite knowing the county in N. Carolina where he was hiding, how will we ferret out illegals who wish to remain invisible?  And how many illegals will be allowed to return? Is this just back door amnesty?  Never mind, Trump has now gone on to his next topic.  They call it the drive-by media because they pile on some article, which upon inspection is untrue, but then they have gone to the next topic and never revisit in search of Truth.  So too, Donald is a drive-by talker. 

Worse, Trump is no conservative.  Half his bombastic opinions have suddenly appeared in the last few months.  This and the lack of depth, remind me more of salesmanship than statesmanship.  He is an actor who knows how to tell a resonating story, but he may not believe it whatsoever.  If we elect him, will he suddenly go back to his opinions of a couple years ago—single payer healthcare, pro-choice, immigration reform?  Even his brag about being a billionaire should be viewed with critique.  A recent study of billionaires shows that the bottom line (despite diverse political views) of all of them is that they do everything they can to preserve their fortunes.  Worse still, Trump at the helm, calling everyone in Congress a loser and every foreign leader a loser could well find himself the Obama of the Republican party.

Cruz is the only guy who seems to have a thoughtful strategy to take out The Donald.  He refuses to get into the ad hominem attacks and sticks with the issues doggedly.  He is a principled conservative, unflappable over insults and arguments.  This may be what will kill Trump.  A debate in which principles are penultimate would have Trump squealing with insults and rabid generalizations.  But Cruz looks thoughtful and level-headed.  Where Trump looks like the guy who would get into an insult match with Putin, Cruz looks like the better chess player. Where Trump’s best emotion is his anger at the status quo, Cruz has both plans and resonance with the two groups that comprise 80% of Republican voters—the evangelicals (social issues voters) and the small business Mainstreet R’s.  Trump doesn’t talk about how he would de-regulate or abolish the EPA.  Cruz does.  In an issues-only discussion, Trump looks like Floyd R. Turbo.

And so I think, by not taking on Trump in he-said-she-said fashion, Cruz is playing smart. Republicans are conservative and saying conservative things wins big moral support.  That’s why Cruz’s favorables are 60+% while Trump’s are ,40%.   Just leave The Donald foaming at the mouth.  We’ll see if the next 2 months, gives this strategy enough time.  For now, the R’s are Trumpeting.  

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

So how do they Radicalize?

I hear dumb stuff out of journalist’s mouths on TV.  Peter Johnson was promoting the idea that Obama should get sports stars with Islamic names to do commercials saying how dismayed they were that their religion was getting a bad name from the terrorists shootings.  Yeah, except those sports stars are almost entirely Black Muslims.  Black Muslims believe in all sorts of strange stuff not in the Quran or Haditha, are considered infidels and apostates by all the major branches of Islam, and would be highly unlikely to speak out about what Black Muslims teach.  Farrakhan and his followers believe that Afro is the only legitimate human race.  All others are subhumans and will be massacred in the end times.  They hold only about half the teachings of Islam to be valid.  Have you ever seen a football player or basketball player pull out a prayer rug during a game and start bowing to the east?  Me either.  This religion was the invention of an uneducated guy who “borrowed” Islam to legitimize his ideas. 

So here are a few facts I think people should know because it explains things.  First, most Muslims are pretty uninformed about their faith.  They do the simple things like daily prayer recitation.  But the Koran is written in ancient Arabic, the only valid language, and only ½ of a percent of Muslims can read ancient Arabic. And how many of those are devout?  The Koran is a confusing read, a series of poetic dreams and certain parts are invalid, having been abrogated by a later text. (And Muslim sects and scholars disagree quite heatedly over what is valid.) Consequently most Muslims are fairly secular people, often harboring beliefs that are traditions and not according to Islamic scholars.  For example, the idea that Mohammad is sinless is fiercely held, but in the Koran, Mohammad says he isn’t sure he will even make it to heaven.  This secularism explains “peaceful” Muslims.  They just want to get along with the rest of society, especially in the West.  But as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Muslim pundit notes, somewhere between 1/3 and half of all Muslims in the Middle East sympathize with the terrorists.

Faith has everything to do with it (terrorism).  Consider this.  Say you are a devout and peaceful Muslim.  Some guys who are terrorizing the world should make you mad as a hornet, right?  Highjacking your faith, right? So why do so few speak up? The Quran is 80% jihad and commands terrorism. The first sign someone is getting radicalized is they become very devout.   Al Bagdadi, the IS leader has a Phd. in Islamic theology from Al Anser, the leading Sunni University in Cairo.  Bin Laden was also a very learned theologian. So how then do they radicalize on social media? First stage is to write about the faith, to instill devotion and unquestioning allegiance.  Then Islam is distinguished as different and hatred for the rest of the world is ginned up.  The world is accused of hating Muslims and not accepting them.  Hence there is paranoid motivation for the loyal Muslim to kill and terrorize. The system works to feed on itself.  Terror incidents are designed not just to terrorize but also to goad backlash in the non-Muslim world.  Which in turn feeds the emotion of “See, they hate us, so we must kill them.” 

But here’s where the Western media are fools. They presume that this motivates the unemployed and poor.  In fact, just the opposite happens.  The well-off and educated are most radicalized.  Why?  Because there is no love in Allah, only justice.  And all dogs go to hell in Islam.  Muslim and pagan and infidel alike go to hell.  The Muslims get purified and acceptable to Allah who eventually releases them from the torture.  The rest burn forever.  However, there is an escape hatch.  If a Muslim gets killed doing jihad, he goes to heaven right away. (Get out of hell free card--Do not go to hell; do not pass GO; do not collect $200.) Violent Jihad is the way to get Allah’s attention.  So if you’ve had a good life and have it all, the last thing is to acquire the Get Out Of Hell Free Card.  (The poor, like lowly Ahmed in the desert, is just trying to survive with his herd of goats.)

The media and libs are fools because they don’t know the Quran. So many think all religions are just like clubs  you join, with meaningless little rituals.  And because they think of faith in this way, they must assume that radical Muslims pose no credible threat.  Hence there is no plan to deal with terrorism.