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Monday, November 30, 2015

Stunning Demographics?

 Okay so I admit to reading a lot of left wing stuff as well a conservatives.  Salon and Huffington Post are all abuzz with the latest on why Working Class Whites are leaving the Dems.  Conclusion, racism.  Their methodology is that they compared the number of working class whites in the North who vote Dem, 40%, and the number of Dem working class whites in  the South, 28%.  And as everyone knows, Southerners are all racists, so therefore the lack of Working class white Dems in the South proves it.  Shhhhh! Let’s let ‘em think this. 

Great methodology, hunh.  A minority both places and only 12% difference which could be all kinds of cultural things, and they conclude ‘racism’.  Study after study of Caucasian self-identifying people shows racism < 3% and indeed most studies conclude under 1%.  These studies identify racism as distrust upon sight, a desire to subjugate, and hatreds. I would suggest the reason is in the first word,” working”.  Do you want a good job or government goodies.  R’s promise the jobs.

Ann Coulter in her latest book, Adios America, shows a number of interesting facts about race and immigrants.  For years, legal immigrants aspired to WASP values, that is, the British-American system of rights for all, somewhat free markets, property ownership, rule of law, jury trials, limited government.  Okay so here’s a quiz. How many US Presidents have had British Isle ancestry?  Answer: all of them.  Barack Obama was half Kenyan and the other side of his family was named Duncan—Birtish name.  Bushes, all Anglo-Saxon.  Ditto Clinton.  Reagan was half Irish and half Brit blooded.  All the way back to our founders, Presidents have been British/Scot/Welsh in part.  Lowest portion was both Roosevelts who were French and Dutch by 7/8.  Next question.  How many have been Protestant?  Answer: All but Kennedy. The reason for this is USA was a melting pot and immigrants assimilated, adopting American values. 

Next question: If an urban city is black-white, is it less harmonious than highly diverse? Answer: black-white is most harmonious.  This comes from the Putnam study of Harvard in which the liberal authors were so stunned by their results that they refused to publish until they were forced to by peers.  Southern cities especially were harmonious.  San Fran is very distrustful. This is because, despite cultural differences and separate neighborhoods, blacks and white have come to accept one another.  I have seen other studies about how white/Hispanic Texas cities were congenial until the barrage of illegals changed everything. The new guys aren’t assimilating.  Worst assimilation is the Somalis of Minneapolis. While there are differences in assimilation rates (measured by salaries, English speaking, addresses, intermarriage rates, etc.), Legal immigrants usually come with high hopes and desires to BE American, and that usually shows up in under a generation. But that isn’t the norm in most of the world where different people live cheek by jowl with another group and hate every minute of it.  Remove the Austrian Empire and you get Balkan genocide.  Remove the Turkish empire and local dictators and you get the Middle East today. Remove the British Empire and you get Pakistan and India dividing, expelling, killing and turning into an armed camp.

Ann also notes that the oft-quoted 11 million illegal immigrants is likely much larger.  US Census bureau derives this number by  subtracting form responses. The number who check “foreign born” and “citizen” is subtracted from all forms which check only “foreign born”. The 11 million derives from 2005 datad which hasn’t been updated.   How many illegals are brave enough to fill out the government form? That led two financial bankers to check the number of different people sending money to Latin America.  Their conclusion, 20-30 million illegals from Latin America live here.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dumb Spit

Broadcasting sports is big entertainment.  They even have programs full of bloopers and most embarrassing incidents by athletes and referees.  But, have you ever noticed, nowhere do they have broadcast bloopers. They never make fun of themselves and the stupidity that comes out of their mouths.  Someday I would like to compile such a sports show.  Call it Dumb Spit Calls. Here are just 3 I heard in the last month—and I don’t watch a lot of sports on TV.

First was the night the KC Royals game was rain delayed an hour during the playoffs.  The broadcasters had to fill in the time somehow, so the panel of 6 got into a discussion lamenting how was it almost impossible for Wade Davis, KC closer, to finish the game after having been idled for 60 minutes.  Indeed, some suggested that Yost, the manager shouldn’t even play Wade.  Put somebody else in lest he blow the save! There was one out in the ninth. Then the game resumed and indeed Davis began pitching.  I figured, you know that guy has been down this road before.  This isn’t his first rodeo.  He probably tried to stay warmed up and passionate all during that rain delay.  In the broadcast booth were another 3 announcers and the first batter was walked after about an eleven pitch at-bat.  Oh! They groaned about how Davis was done for.  “The control is the first thing to go,” one guy momentously said.  Not so.  Wade Davis struck out the last two like a blistering ace and the game ended.  But no one among the nine broadcasters admitted to being wrong. 

So often sports announcing and analysis tends to be candy-coated.  All the better to promote heroes, I guess.  Dumb Spit Calls number 2 and 3 concern Stidham, the freshman Baylor quarterback.  He’s done a tremendous job filling in for the starter who is now injured and out for the season.  During a tight game with OU, the game turned when a big OU defenseman managed to upend Stidham in midair, about 4 feet off the ground, then body slammed him onto his back.  That’s the kind of blow that can ruin your life with paralysis.  I have no idea if it is ethical, but certainly concerning.  “Well, now Stidham is getting a taste of big time college football!” the broadcaster laughed.  “That sure was quite a sack!”  As it turned out, Stidham lay there for quite a while, then got up on his own. He was gimpy and escorted to the sidelines by another Baylor player.  “Well, he’ll shake it off,” the broadcaster noted.  Really?  The next set of downs was the last for Stidham and he wasn’t mobile at all.  The following week, he took a fall at OSU and the coach (Briles) was miked up on the sideline.  “Is it your back?!” he asked Stidham.

Dumb Spit #3 came when Stidham made a great pass while being pressured by OSU the following week.  “He’s a great intellectual, that’s all I have to say,” the sportscaster said emphatically.  “For a freshman to come in and be able to run the entire offense—that’s really something!”  Well now wait a minute.  Many Frosh have played quarterback on major college level and, by the end of the season, had memorized the team plays.  That’s a requirement, especially for a quarterback.  Intellectual?  You have to be kidding me! Just counting some intellectuals I have met in college—Richard Feynman, Schiller, Tim Tooman, Milton Friedman--I would say an average college prof is quite a bit more intellectual than a freshman memorizing the team playbook. 
So add these to some other times I have heard announcers proclaim that WWE is realistic and how NBA players are such role models and you got a show. (I forget his name, center for Spurs and Fellowship of Christian Athletes guy once told how he couldn't get 5 NBA players to join him to promote abstinence with teens.  So many of 'em were playing stud to groupie women.)  

Monday, November 16, 2015

7 things to do since Paris

Amazing that the French are now wanting global war on terror and Obozo from the USA is playing Sgt. Schultz.

            Here’s what a Prez worth his respect would do in circumstances like this.

  1. Secure the borders and get control of time limits on H1B visas. Profile everybody instead of making everybody take their shoes off in the airport. (Grandmother coming from Sweden with blue hair is not a usual terror threat.)
  2. Announce we have identified characteristics of terrorists—mostly young males aged 16-45, Muslim from Muslim countries and areas, anti-Western, has large multi-pouch around waist with sticks of dynamite, etc.
  3. Say that we will not be taking any refugees from 57 states.  Those would be the Muslim majority countries that Obozo misidentified as the number of American states.  Exceptions made for a refugee who can prove that they aren’t a security risk.  Hence we don’t discriminate against a religion.  Proof of non-security risk, however, must not correlate with known problem-causing associations who identify with the Koran. So if a Christian or Jew or Yazidi applies, we just say, “You pass.  We have never had a terrorist [Christian.]” How to screen for imposters?  Ask questions of faith. Did God love the world so much that he gave his son to die for its sins? What was the name of Moses’ brother? Was Jeremiah a patriarch, prophet, poet or bullfrog? Do you think Mohammad was a sinner or not and why? Who is the noble leader of Al Jihad? What the heck is Obama’s religion? And so forth. (The only people who would flunk/fail to give an indicator by this test would be the main stream media and Hollywood--who always choose “bullfrog”.)
  4. Encourage Americans to arm themselves.  Encourage all public areas to declare, not a gun-free zone, but a gun encouragement zone.  (Exceptions for the obvious—divorce court, jails, etc.)
  5. Declare the internet a public meeting place, therefore, eves-droppable by NSA.  (If you want to keep it secret and privileged, don’t post it on Facebook. Duh.)
  6. Ask the people to keep track of their neighbors.  They might ask things like, “Does the future belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam?” “Do you think ISIL is contained?” "Is Climate Change directly related to the growth of terrorism." “Do you believe we should be at war with Radical Islam?” “Are you letting anybody tell you that businesses create jobs?” “Do 500 million Americans lose their jobs every month we don’t have an economic recovery?” Do you follow the law whenever you can?” "Is the problem that he's the President of the United States instead of the emperor?" Yikes! I think this test would also catch a few Democrats (Quotes by Obama, Obama, Bernie, Hillary, Hillary, Pelosi, IRS Commissioner Koskinen, Obama) OR as Will Rogers said, “There are men running government who shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches.”
  7. Finally, publish the secretly recorded meeting of Islamic State leaders where one guy said, “I say we do this thing in France on Friday the 13th.  I mean, what can the French do? Start a war with us?”

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Football and the color of your truck

            I keep saying that I don’t understand how a carmaker can put in a navigation system, 2 backseat DVD players, satellite and every other kind of radio, MP3 player, complete climate module, Bluetooth, and every other electronic thing possible, and yet can only offer about 6 colors.  Black and white, brown and gray.  Then you get some version of red. With modern technology, why can’t you get your choice of 256 colors?  It is as if we are progressing to texting/electronic crash dummyism and regressing to Henry Ford’s “You can have any color so long as it is drab.” 

            So I decided to do a little research.  Went to Wichita today and started logging semi truck colors.  I thought that if half of drivers are independents who spend their own money on a tractor cab, they paint it the color they want.  And the other half are either providing the tractor and using someone else’s trailer or they are hired drivers.  Even the guys just driving for a company will have a color that company has selected.  So here are the results of what was on the road.












White is the color of a lot of company trucks.  The better to display a logo.  You see few white trucks that have no company advertizing.  "White" also includes some which have large color swaths and details.  Blue is a favorite male color and since almost all truckers are men, it stands to reason that this color predominates. There were a couple bluegreens which I called “green”. But there were some surprises.  Purple and Gold are fairly popular.  Green and yellow aren’t.  Gray is also on a lot of company trucks, mixed with other color banners and stripes.  Brown, and Black are unpopular. But those colors predominate on pickups that people drive personally.  So is Detroit and the industry missing something?  Why would 3 times as many truckers pick purple as brown? Maybe I’m not so wrong after all.  Detroit needs more colors.  They could see what the plebians choose. (Maybe they choose colors by focus groups who are all depressed and gloomy and live in Detroit.)

            I have also been looking at baseball stats this week.  It turns out that the National league teams which made the playoffs—Mets, Dodgers, Cards, Cubs, and Pirates—are exactly the top five pitching teams.  However, they are #5,6,10,13,and 14 in hitting. Very similar results for the American leaguers. Good pitching is what really counts.  And that gets interesting with about 8 terrific pitchers up for free agency this year.

            Now football is another matter. Football makes major state colleges more money than tuition. And to what effect?  At Missouri U. I guess a football strike can get a President and Provost fired for nebulous, unrelated reasons. Back in my days at the U., I was fortunate enough to have a series of jobs and mostly work my way through school.  But the darned hippies protested one year and robbed me of 3 weeks of shut-down classes.  That was money out of my pocket!  We didn’t finish Calculus III and that meant the next semester I struggled with Series and Differential Equations.  Those darned hippies still owe me for three weeks tuition.  So here’s my fix for Missouri U.  What I have learned over the years is that liberals don’t know what to do with you when you protest them.  They aren’t used to getting protested.  So show up at the next MU football game with some banners.  Hopefully ESPN or FOX sports is there.  Get at least 2 dozen people to sit together for protection.  Sign on one side says, “WELCOME TO FOOTBALL SELLOUT U.”  Flip it around and it says, “NEXT MU PROTEST: MATH VICTIMIZATION”.  A little academic taunting never hurt education. Evidently lack of football does.


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Stuff Prez candidates should bring up

I simply do not understand why some things aren’t in the public discussion of politics.  If some Republican candidate would bring up these subjects, I guarantee it would cause a media stir and it would make him/her look like a genius. 

            Retirement.  70% of seniors say that retirement in USA is in a state of crisis.  Whenever you have 70% of anything in politics, that’s a huge issue and a sure winner for someone who gets on the right side of it.  Median savings upon retirement is $50,000.  Median SS income is $16,000.  Taking $3,000 a year out of savings gives a median income of $19,000 a year.  That’s food stamps territory.  Add health problems and see how far $19K goes.  To make matters worse, SS is collecting less than it pays out (since 2012) and left unchecked SS and MC will use up All discretionary budget funds by 2030.  “All” means no money for military, Post Office, national parks, Coast Guard rescue and a thousand other functions of government. 

            So a smart candidate needs to spell out a program.  Christie has tried this but he doesn’t spell it out in human terms that capture the dire consequences to the country.

            Military Recruitment and Education.  21 million young people are eligible for the military but we cannot recruit about 200,000 a year for the following reasons.  7 million are too obese.  6 million cannot pass the necessary tests, especially math. Many others have children or tattoos and crime records or other social/dependency problems. Our recruiters hand out lots of incentive bonuses, free college, career training, etc. yet we still fall beneath recruitment quotas every year. While physical/ health problems and social problems are a difficult problem interwoven in our society, failing a math test is just a matter of training for 99% or recruits.  What the hell is wrong with our education?! Of the 45 OECD countries (developed world) we are 28th in math, 28th in science, 17th in reading.  If our local public schools can’t get it done, perhaps we need special military pre-schools that can teach stuff like how to add three 2-digit numbers in your head (necessary to assess windage corrections in rifle shooting).  Surely our kids are smarter than the ones from Appalachia and inner cities who fought bravely in Vietnam, aren’t they? I’d also relax the tattoo prohibitions in consultation with our military leaders.  Our country’s military is being forced out of existence by diabolical leadership.

            War on Women.  What women want is a society where they can freely develop a fulfilling life with their talents and destiny.  Pro-life is not war on women.  Cradle-to-grave security as a disguised form of dependency serfdom is a war on women.  You don’t become a true princess by sitting around sucking up benefits.

Climate Change.  About half the people believe that increased CO2 has caused a global warming, predicted to be 2 degrees in the next 100 years.  Chemical composition of the atmosphere, however, is just one of several effects postulated by scientists.  What someone needs to say in a debate is this.  Okay so you believe in 2 degrees due to CO2.  What about solar radiation?  It varies considerably more and we have historical records of it.  The Little Ice Age from 1309-1850 dropped temperatures 9 degrees.  The Medieval Warming was several degrees warmer.  And what about oceanic circulation.  When that changed during the Younger-Dryas 12,000 years ago, temperatures dropped 17 degrees.  And the nutation of earth’s rotation which changes axis tilt causes 30 degrees temperature drops and brings on ice ages.  Why is no one saying anything about this?  I’ll tell you why.  Because CO2 production is the only effect that allows politicians to call for socialism.  It is the only effect that government can make people feel guilty about so that government can tell you how to live and what to do.  This is how socialism works.  And does government ever truly fix anything?  I suggest we rely on private sector solutions to our CO2 production and tell government to get out of the road of the people!

            Islam. President Erdogan of Turkey, a key ally of ours, is also a conservative Muslim.  He says there is no such thing as moderate and radical Islam.  “Islam is Islam” he has said.  And there are aspects of Islam that order the followers to take over the entire world by peace or by force.  Then offer a few quotes of the Quran. Explain that these are non-abrogated passages. (Doctrine holds that there are false verses in their scripture that are overridden by later revelations.) “Terrorize the infidels and beleaguer them.  Cut off their heads and cut off their fingers.” Sura 9:3.  “Kill the infidels wherever you find them.” Sura 147:43.  Point out that the faith will not rest until Sharia Law supplants all other law.  So then the question becomes, will refugees from Syria live in quiet toleration of faiths in America?  We should only accept immigrants from Islamic states through meticulous screening and probably far less than the 200,000 that Obama is letting in from Syria.

            Liberty.  So many people say that we have a constitution based on Christianity or no religious origins. But if you ask where they got that info they are clueless.  But we founded this country on the principle of Liberty.  All the founders knew what Liberty was.  It was a term coined by John Locke, the father of modern psychology and a government philosopher who has two direct quotes in our Constitution and thoroughly influenced our founders.  Liberty means being able to follow the inner voice in your head, that is, follow your dreams, follow the Holy Spirit, follow your faith.  If you have a mission in life, be it from God or your own deduction, being allowed to follow it is the absolutely fundamental bedrock of our ideals and our Constitution.  No Liberty?  Then you are just a lousy serf of an overreaching government.   

            Try a few of these at the next debate and see if it doesn’t set off the Mainstream Media to gobbling like turkeys. And see if it doesn’t enthuse a few R voters.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Dems don't understand this

            Liberal Democrats can’t understand why everybody in rural and small town America doesn’t vote Dem.  Let me explain.

            When the Spanish conquered Latin America, they had a system called Haciendas, or plantations.  A friend of the King  or a hero got a large land grant in the new territory which of course included the Indians.  To get the Indians to agree to serfdom, the Spanish landowners used the carrot and stick method. Cattle and sheep provided a bountiful diet to the natives who had subsisted on things they could trap, fish and shoot with arrows, mainly birds and rabbits and fish.  If good beef didn’t convince the Indians, they were ruthlessly rounded up by the landowner’s army and forced into servitude. Never did it seem to cross the minds of the conquistadors that the reason the Indians wouldn’t comply was that they saw their way of life being abolished wickedly.  That’s because the Spanish were a proud people in 1500, having run the Muslims out of Spain. Triumphalism made them cock-sure they were right.  After all, they had Christianity, armies and a central government to organize things.    

            Lib Dems offer free stuff from the government.  The South and rural parts of America are the poorest and thus, progressives reason, should be gladly accepting the goodies.  But only 38% of non-college educated whites will even consider voting for a Democrat.  Why?  This puzzle has dumbfounded libs for years and was especially expressed in Frank’s book “What’s the Matter With Kansas?”  Why do the urban poor love Dems and rural poor hate them? And if the free stuff won’t work to make Democrats out of rural people, Obama has turned up the heat on small town banks and businesses making it very difficult for them to loan money and comply with mandates.  Still the folks vote R.

            The answer is the same one the Seminoles and Sioux had.  Their saw  their way of life being abolished.  People choose to live in small towns and on the farm because their love of community, closeness and the land trumps free stuff from a far-off government.  If you live in rural America everybody seems to own their own business or farm and they want freedom instead of free stuff.  In recent years the disconnect between Washington and small town America has widened and it is said that people don’t trust either party.  Now they are ready to vote for Trump. 

            I think this is only half true.  People feel left out of the American dream by a socialist President who conspires against rural America (they don’t vote for him) and by the capitulating Republicans in Congress.  But of the two, they continue to vote more and more Republican. (1200 statewide offices gained and 25 states have become solid gov+legislature Republican since 2010.)  That’s because the promise of free stuff leaves out faith and family entirely.  They are distressed that the Liberty America was founded upon is dying and we are headed to become France or Greece. 
            But the Lib Dems don't understand why these folks choose it this way.  Lib Dems are cock-sure they are right.  If you try to present another point of view, they dismiss you as a "kook". 

            So I took our foster daughter who was Mex out to the tallgrass prairie.  We parked atop a hill of waist-high bluestem with June flowers blooming and the wind blowing in our faces.  To one side were the buffalo of the preserve and to another was a herd of long horns on a private ranch.  I told her, the Spanish could have had it all and it is a tragedy they failed.  She nodded because if you are Mex, you have a love-hate relationship with the conquistadors.  Part of your ancestry is conquered Indians who were oppressively treated.  But part is Spanish who had Christianity and modernity.  The Spanish, I said, had horses, cattle culture, branding, saddles, spurs, chaps, ranches, and only they understood how you could make a fortune on grassland by raising cattle.  Mexican vaqueros invented the lariat and suddenly you could raise cattle and catch them without hurting them with a lance. And before them stretched 1.5 million square miles of prairie from Mexico City to Alberta to Illinois.  But the Spanish had a know-it-all central government that didn’t send enough ships to Mexico to even harvest the hides of the cattle.  Too many cattle roamed free and became longhorns and the horses, mustangs.  Horses were picked up by plains Indians, who suddenly could hunt buffalo, spare the time to train in warfare and became a formidable force against Spanish expansion.  Haciendas were run remotely and the serfs were not inspired.  It was a medieval system.  Only Christianity was endearing. 

            But then came the free Anglos who were inspired by their own homesteads and learned how to cowboy from the vaqueros.  Their system wasn’t central government and a king but free men running their own affairs.  If you can work, you have their respect and they invite you to join their family of community—sometimes reluctantly, but still they invite.  Strong family, hard work, get an education, love your land.  Dad, she said standing up tall, This is the life I want!    

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Obama's blown opportunities

When people look back at Obama’s presidency, I think they will look at what could have been.  Liberals and Conservatives alike will see mostly tragedy.  Let me give you a few blown opportunities, places were Obama could have driven a Mack truck through the line and instead got sacked for a loss.

  1. Black Youth.  Why, oh, why didn’t Obama make his family a role model for people of African ancestry?  He could have given the nation lectures on how families have to stay together and especially boys need dads.  Girls without a dad are 25 times as likely to have a troubled teenage life.  Boys are 400 times as likely. Obama could have filled a cabinet with qualified and prominent Afro-Americans and had black kids staying in school and dreaming of being an economist like Walter Williams, a surgeon like Ben Carson, or a writer like Larry Elder.  Oh, wait, those are all Republicans. 
  2. He could have grown the Democrat party.  Coming in as a supposed centrist, it didn’t take long for him to show his real colors as a semi-socialist.  But think of the destruction of the GOP that could have taken place by a charismatic and popular centrist preaching the message of multiculturalism.  Instead, Obama has elected more R’s than any Democrat in history.  R’s have gained 900 legislative seats in state legislatures (about 5000 seats in all state legislatures combined) and if you also count state officers R’s have net gained 1200.
  3. The VA, a perennial bureaucratic disaster, could have been cleaned up.  Now, in the continuing saga, R’s are talking about a voucher program to replace it. 
  4. The Stimulus didn’t.  Instead it doubled the national debt with no effect on the economy.  Proof of this is to compare the growth of M2 with time vs. all deposits in banks and Federal Reserve.  M2 is the sum of all liquid money available to the people and it has crawled forward at the same pace during Obama’s recovery as during the recession. Meanwhile the sum of all deposits has wildly escalated—tripling.  But it put no money in anyone’s pocket. 
  5. Gun control didn’t come about.  The opposite happened.  The Dems and Obama sell guns like crazy.  2013 had 20 million new background and firearms checks and as of Sept. 30, 2015 has a record-setting pace of 17M.  Dems sell gun control with such goofy sales techniques it makes people nervous.  They use mass killing events to try to persuade, when it is obvious that mental illness is the culprit in the slayings.  And then when the government talks about gun control it sounds like gun confiscation to ordinary folks, who rush to buy more.  Look, I could make a case that all those shootings were registered Democrats.  2015 was Chris Harper-Mercer in Oregon.  Registered Dem.  2014 was Elliot Rogers, Santa Barbara.  2013 was Allen Lanza in Connecticut.  2012, Minneapolis Mall shooter Andrew Engeldinger.  2011, James Holmes in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. 2010’s biggie was Jared Loughner who shot Gabbie Giffords and half a dozen others in Tucson. 2007, Seung Hui Cho, killed 32 at Virginia Tech.  What’s in common?  All were registered Democrats.  Maybe you should give up your gun if you become unbalanced and become a Dem.
  6. The “Rich get richer and the poor got children.  In the mornin’, in the evenin’, ain’t we got fun!”  The QE’s and Stimulus made those in league with government and those on Wall Street do exceedingly well, while the middle class went set.  Since 2009, the population of USA has increased 20 million while there have only been 8 million jobs created.  13 million dropped out of the work force. Go figure.
  7. Obamacare.  It could have been a plan with some chance of success and then the R’s would have had the impossible task of repealing it later.  Instead, it hangs like an albatross around Democrat necks.  Badly conceived as a plan to either limit or destroy the insurance industry, idiot website, co-ops going broke, Insurers bailed out, timetable for implementation pushed back until Obama is safely out of office, then all hell breaks loose when the employer mandate kills job health insurance for 60-90 million workers.  Like one woman said upon paying the penalty because she couldn’t afford a bronze policy.  “I paid and I still ain’t got any insurance!”
    When Elizabeth the Great died, Mary Stuart’s son James I became king.  He was educated and insufferably arrogant and narcissic. Because, as king, the Brits and Scots had thrown off the pope, James thought he could speak infallibly like a pope.  Where Elizabeth had used her political capital to build commerce, James played and left day-to-day government to the Privy Council.  The Catholics and Calvinists insisted on using different Bibles and James threw up his hands, finally assenting to an 18 member commission to translate the Bible.  Today, we often think of the King James Bible as the only thing worth mentioning to his realm.