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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Moral evolution

"Technological progress without an equivalent progress in human institutions can doom us," Obama warned at Hiroshima. "The scientific revolution that led to the splitting of an atom requires a moral evolution as well. That is why we come to this place."

            Lofty words.  It reminds me of a former Soviet official who was depressed that they could not change human nature and come up with a superior morality.  He said that many times party discussions centered around their inability to make people act nobly.  That’s telling, when you think that you have to swear to atheism if you want to be a member of the communist party.  Why would those of no-moral-absolutes be stressed over morality?  But it’s not just Soviets who struggle.  This week brings news that one of our Presidential candidates lied repeatedly about her email system, indeed created it to avoid Freedom of Information Act inquiries, has exchanged favors to foreign powers for funding of her foundation, and then tries to cover up evidence.  And this pronouncement came, not from opposing Republicans, but from an Inspector General, an Obama appointee.  Indeed, the scandal investigators have not a Republican player in their midst.  On the other side, is the Trumpeter who measures his worth in money, elevated pride to an art form, dismisses the central teaching of Christianity (“Why do I have to repent or ask forgiveness if I am not making any mistakes?”) and the practices (“my little wine and my little cracker.”).  Multiple wives, personal insults and character assassination, mocking the disabled isn’t what I normally think of as “fruit of the Spirit”.  Maybe he is just an Obama narcissist with a Republican uniform. 

            Ah, the things voters don’t choose! A Trump supporter asked if I supported Trump.  Well does that mean give him money?  Oh, no! they replied.  (I’m guessing that this person has never given a dime to anything in politics.) Well, does it mean I have to support his ideas—opposition to forgiveness from God, opposition to free markets and limited government, disinterest in the Constitution?  No, no! You can believe what you want!  Then does support mean I have to marshall 183 volunteers to walk and call 9000 households like I formerly did in a campaign?  Well, it wouldn’t hurt you to get on board for the Republican nominee! I was told.  Hmm.  I thought Lincoln freed the slaves.  I’d probably vote for the guy as lesser of two evils.  If that’s your meager definition of ‘support.’  

            And considering Obama’s moral evolution, I prefer the one Twila Paris sang about while holding a baby, conceived by the One who doesn’t evolve His morality but changes us


Every little baby comes into this world

Reaching for an anchor, fingers tightly curled,

Grasping for a reason, without knowing why.

We will cling to anything, ‘til the day we die.

We can hold onto sorrow, we can hold onto pain,

We can hold onto anger when there’s nothing to be gained.

We can hold onto money, we can hold onto fame,

We can hold onto glory and the honor of a name,

We can hold to a friend to the end of a rope.

But if we’re holding onto Jesus, we are holding onto hope.

Hold on!  Hold on!

Friday, May 27, 2016


We’’ve been weeding the garden getting ready for this weekend’s festivities.  I came across this interesting article about some Neanderthals making rings in a cave, probably with the intention of a 3 ring circus, but Og couldn’t get the elephants down there.  Here’s an excerpt from MSN news.

“After French cavers found the rings in 1990, initial studies failed to pinpoint their age. [now estimated at 176,000 years] The structures, which sit in the middle of a large chamber, include an oval ring 22 feet long and 15 feet wide — big enough to encircle the largest sport utility vehicles — and a second, smaller ring. There are also four piles of stalagmites. Altogether, the builders pieced together about 400 sections of stalagmite weighing 2.4 tons, an amount that suggests teamwork and planning.

“The builders stacked the stalagmites in as many as four layers, bracing the walls with short buttress pieces. The rings easily pre-date the next-oldest human-built structures of a definitive age, which are 40,000 years old, says study co-author Jacques Jaubert of France’s University of Bordeaux.

“Perhaps Neanderthals, who flourished from roughly 350,000 to 40,000 years ago, blundered into the cave seeking shelter, says Marie Soressi of Leiden University in the Netherlands, who was not involved in the study. But even if they built the rings for practical rather than ceremonial reasons, the structures are “changing the picture of Neanderthal behavior,” she says. “We never thought before that Neanderthals would go underground.”

“The findings raise the possibility that Neanderthals were lords of the underworld well before Homo sapiens, our species of human. The oldest evidence for modern humans making use of deep caves dates back less than 42,000 years, the study says.

Neanderthals used caves because we know they didn’t have clothes but just hung a skin about themselves rather like Kim Kardashian. Colder than blitzen in the winter, so they used caves to escape the climate and paint pictures of the bison or that dadgum deer which got away on their hunt. 

 In a related topic, have I ever told you about my explanation of how agriculture began?  We know it was originated by women since they were the gathers and the men were the hunters.  Women are global thinkers and don’t forget anything.  So probably some cave woman noticed that peach trees were growing near the place where she remembered tossing some rotten peaches last fall and the dog digging for a bone and scattering dirt onto the discarded peaches.  Could she bury pits and get peaches to grow?  So she asked her husband, the cave man.  Being male he was a linear thinker and logical, took great pride in stalking mammoths.  “Why of course!” he noted, “You have both correlation between peach pits and trees, and causality from a pit sprouting.  Go ahead, Dear, and plant the pits and see what you get.”  He then congratulated his male ego and reminded himself that this is why he was in management.  Then promptly forgot about the entire issue.  But the cave woman, being of low self-esteem and communicative, decided to ask her friends if they had ever seen this done, or done it themselves.  And had anyone ever seen this on Pinterest? No one had but her friend remembered the conversation the following spring and being supportive, said that cave woman should try it and she would help her.  So at the mouth of the cave, they began planting peach pits.   Lo! Trees grew.  The cave kids played in the trees, the cave man brushed past them each night coming home, but hardly noticing.  Then one day cave woman served him a peach for dinner.  “Hey!  Where’d you get these?” asked the caveman.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


We were watching a large tornado or supercell on Weather channel tonight.  And it was just west of Willowdale east of Bennington.  So I asked Shirley, where the heck is Willowdale?  She didn’t know, though from the map it should have been about 10 miles from where she grew up.  As Tina Fey said, “I can see Willowdale from my front porch!”  Well, no Willowdale in the Rand McNally atlas.  But upon Googling, it turns out that there is a Willowdale, Kansas, but west of Wichita.  It is a ghost town.  Post office closed in 1938.  Still has a guy living in a trailer house with 4 dogs. They can’t see Oklahoma from their front porch, but the cat can when it climbs up on the barn roof.

So what is Willowdale?  I have no doubt it is just a location, an old crossroads or an elevator that is literally nothing now.  But TWC needs it to fill in their map so they have a location to talk about. Fair enough.  But the storm watchers were dutifully telling all the residents of Willowdale to head for shelter. ( Like they really knew the place.  Was just driving through Main Street of Willowdale last Sunday.)

What’s in a name?  Would a Pete Rose by any other name smell half so sweaty?  I cannot believe they didn’t suspend or at least eject Draymond Green of the Warriors from the game.  Draymond is an old African name that means Kick Ball.  So anyway Kick Ball Green got off easy this time.  The Warriors didn’t and lost the game big at Chesapeake/Chickasaw Arena.

You know I have often argued that they should move the Redskins to Oklahoma City where the name is appreciated.  Oklahoma means “red people” in the language of an eastern tribe.  What’s less well understood is that the tribe referred to themselves as “red people” long before Colombus or Henry Cabot or other Europeans were “discovered” as an Indian friend of mine likes to quip.  Red compared to who? Eric the Red and his boy Leif Ericson?  At any rate, if they moved the Redskins, then Oklahoma Indians could sue liberals for defamation, racism and discrimination if they didn’t like the name.

Indians have been warning about too much immigration long before Trump.  Now I see that Arnold Schwarznegger is going to be the new host of Apprentice.  Are you kidding me!  Trump lost his job to an immigrant?  I heard there was a new super PAC that was trying to get more Amish to vote this November.  But all the people said they were not Amish.  They had only thrown their TVs away so they didn’t have to listen to Hillary and Trump. any more  But Hillary has a secret weapon in Bill.  He is going to handle the economy when she’s elected.  He knows how he can save money right away at the White House.  Fire all salaried staff and replace them with interns. 

Obamacare is like a hospital gown.  One tie in back and you just think everything is covered.  Have you heard about the new game, Bernopoly.  Every time you pass GO, instead of getting $200, you have to give the poorest players some property and pay a 54% tax.  Pretty soon all the players no longer buy property or try to improve them with houses or hotels.  They just sit around waiting for someone to pass GO and give them a handout. 

Oh, I shouldn’t complain about the poor.  But maybe the Democrats can explain to me again why Voter ID discriminates against minorities and the poor because they don’t have an ID.  But doesn’t it take an ID to cash a US Treasury check? Those guys never seem to have any problem with their tax refunds, do they?  I just don’t think anyone should tell me they are oppressed when they get free housing, food stamps, cell phones, and a monthly check.

One old vet said when he joined the military it was illegal to be gay.  Then it was optional.  Now it is legal.  He decided to get out before it became mandatory.   

Friday, May 20, 2016

May 20, 1927

On a cold wet morning, May 20, 1927 a 25 yr.old kid climbed aboard an airplane at Roosevelt airfield on Long Island and took off for Paris.  There was a $25000 prize for the first person to do it.  Two well-financed teams had already come to tragic watery catastrophes in the Atlantic already that year.  Charles Lindbergh had 4 sandwiches, 2 canteens of water, and 451 gallons of gasoline aboard the Spirit of St. Louis, named in honor of his backers. No radio, no parachute to conserve weight.

When we say air field, that’s what it was and Roosevelt airfield was so muddy that Lindbergh barely cleared the telephone lines at the end of the field.  Though 500 well-wishers had seen him off, major newpapers scoffed at his effort and homemade plane. For the next 33 ½ hours, Lindbergh bounced through storms and over icebergs.  He flew into fog for awhile, bitter cold and his wings iced badly.  Finally he spotted fishing boats.  Was he close to land?  Flying low, about 200 feet, he cut the engine and yelled, “Which way to Ireland?”  The fishermen pointed to the east.  He battled fatigue, holding his eyes open with his fingers.  From Ireland he crossed England and found Cherbourg and the Seine River.  Finally the lights of Paris came into view about 10 pm.  There were no lights at the airfield and Lindbergh said this made him extremely cautious, overshooting the field by 3 miles before he turned around and headed back.  But you see, the news of the crazy American kid heading for Paris had traveled to the city by that time and 100,000 motorists had cranked their cars and lined both sides of the runway with their lights on, cheering wildly as he touched down. He had done what no one else had done—solo flight, New York to Paris. 

The French saw in Lindbergh their heroic American. He had quiet integrity and courage, and an indifference to honor they loved in the Yanks.  It seemed everybody in America saw themselves in him, an adventurer, an achiever, full of hope.  He was given the largest ticker tape parade in New York in history.  President Coolidge presented him with the Congressional Medal of Honor.

But the real effect of Lindbergh’s flight was more mundane.  Up until then aviation was thought to be the realm of dare-devils and barnstormers.  It was nothing for a prudent person to engage in.  But, heck, if some kid could climb into a plane and fly to Paris, maybe this aviation wasn’t so nutty after all.  Commercial aviation blossomed.  The Military and the Postal Service began to pursue flying full tilt.  Going into the sky quickly became accepted.  And France had finally passed the torch.  Ever since the Reformation, France had been the country of new technology, and in the 19th century, even without stable government, French engineers and scientists had stunned the world with their discoveries, buildings and feats.  But with Lindbergh, it was now America’s turn.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

WWTD part II

The heck of it is, we’ve seen this experiment in Japan and Europe.  Lowering interest rates to almost zero yielded negative consequences. 

            You think if Trump is elected, he’s going to make the economy roar?  Think again.  For the past 40 years, central banks around the world have been able to print money almost at will and after this last recession it went koo-koo.  The real hockey stick graph isn’t global warming, it’s money printing, better known as Adjusted Monetary Base.  It went from $200B in 1985 gradually to $800B in 2008 but it is $4.5 trillion today.  The Fed, bowing to Obama, has cut interest rates to virtually zero.  That is, the pure political play of Democrats is to blame the other party for recessions while mortally afraid of a recession on their watch. Hoovervilles. Bush’s fault. The Fed kept lowering rates, then QE money printing, stoking stimulus, amassing debt. Of course the old model is to raise interest to fight inflation and lower it to fight recession.  But here we are with 1.8% GDP growth and no way to lower interest if a recession comes along.  Worse, lowering rates no longer stimulates.

            How does this happen?  Well, first think what happens to some of our business models.  Insurance companies use money they get in premiums to invest and make money from which they pay claims.  If interest is zero—no investment gains-- this model fails.  Or pension providers estimate what they can pay in the future based on what they are getting from invested funds today.  No interest, no future pension.  When interest goes to zero, seniors get no gain on their life savings.  Zero interest destroys savers and savers are the bedrock of capitalism.

            But there are more horrors.  What if those individual savers put it under a mattress?  With no deposits, banks can make no loans and the system starts to collapse.  Obama piled up debt, thinking that traditionally governments have escaped the consequences by inflating -- paying off debt  with future dollars worth much less.  But what if you keep lowering interest and it has no effect in restarting the economy, companies and savers see the futility of taking on risk? Basically you get an economy where money returns nothing--Japan ever since 1992, Europe since 2007, USA dangerously close now.

            Yet there is a way out.  It takes a little pain over a long period of time.  Interest rates must be raised gradually until we get our economy back again.  That probably means a 2% Fed Funds rate and 3.5% return on a ten-year bond.

            Well, you raise interest and suddenly far fewer people can qualify for a mortgage on those high-priced houses in urban areas. (Ever ask yourself how those couples on HGTV can afford million dollar homes with median income at $54,000?) Bonds, already trading far too high (people are scared of the politics and the economy and have fled to bonds), will plunge in price.  Effects like this give politicians the heeby-jeebies over backlash.  So the rise in rates must be gradual.  Hence the Trump economy won’t rise fast.  At least his ideas of lowering corporate tax rates are good.  The foolish demand that the federal government get a cut of foreign profits from businesses is one of the great killers of bringing profits home to America. It makes no sense except to covetous Dems who hate businessmen.  A subtext of Hillary and Obama is that they hold that government is the best manager of investment capital. Sure.  Solyndra.  Solar Trust. Postal Service.  But the teeth-gritting Dems persist.  The rules for inversion mergers and capital repatriation are constantly changed by Obama’s executive orders.  Thus US corporations must add the risk of arbitrary tax persecution to the other uncertainties of staying in business.

            Given the debt overhang, the money printed, the states' pension liabilities, the reluctant investors, the rest of the world in secular stagnation (zero interest/low growth), the need for tax reform that depends on reticent politicians, we won’t come out of this thing very fast.

            Imagine the difference if such politicians cared about growth.  Corporate taxes and capital gains rates would be zero—and actual revenue loses wouldn’t be that great.  Foreign profits would be encouraged to come home.  They wouldn’t try to tell the bozo voters that recessions are due to the other party’s leadership but would state the real reason—due to billions of bad decisions made by millions in the marketplace bidding prices too high, i.e., the madness of crowds.  Banks could go back to being community lenders instead of trying to play the government for favors. The pols would be very leery of mortgaging the future with debt.  And jobs would be plentiful again, growth would return, people would save.

 And if you aspired to run a great foundation, you wouldn’t model yourself after a Secretary of State who exchanges policy favors for donations.  If you wanted to be a great real estate developer, you wouldn’t get there by playing footsie with local governments for tax favors and eminent domain. And all of America would want to hear about freedom and liberty, not what they qualify for, or who they could scapegoat.  

Friday, May 13, 2016


Long before I was in politics, I was a Christian. Christianity motivates my politics enormously.  When Trump said he never asked God for forgiveness because he hadn’t done anything wrong, I choked pretty hard.  That seems the antithesis of Christian faith.  And I write this having once said that I would support even an atheist if they were very principled. But maybe I need to give Trump some space. Donald, you want to explain this?

            Here’s how it was explained to me.  Beth Moore has almost this same expository in her Bible study on Isaiah.  Smarter heads than I can explain it better.  In Isaiah 43:1, God speaks in poetry, “Fear not for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are Mine.” That is, we are called out.  It may seem like we were seeking, but truth be known, God pulled our string.  “Love that found me wondrous thought.  Found me when I sought Him naught.” Charles Wesley put it.  For the people reading in 700 BC, they understood ‘called by My name’ to be Israel, God’s renaming of Jacob (a huge step up from his name which means “cheater”). And down through the generations, God introduces himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. To us Christians, we too have been named ‘little Christs’ as the label means in Greek. 

            Skip down to verse 7.  “Everyone who is called by my name, Whom I created for My glory, Whom I formed and made…”  So what is God’s name?  In Genesis, He is introduced as Elohim, plural of El or “God”.  35 more times in Genesis 1-4 Elohim is used.  Why plural?  Does this imply multiple gods?  By no means.  Jewish scholars say that the plural is multiplied majesty, a literary device.  But then God actuates this “Let us make man in our image.”  Though indivisible and One, leaves the possibility of some sort of multiplicity, which we Christians know as the Trinity.  Over and over, Elohim rescues his chosen people.  This is the Saving God.  “Deliver us, O God of our salvation.” I Chr. 16:36.  Then in Exodus, this same God identifies as the God of the forefathers, but Moses asks His name.  “I am that I am,” He replies.  This is abbreviated YHWH in Hebrew scriptures but our modern Bibles substitute “the Lord” whenever it occurs.  This was because when the Hebrews read the scripture, they substituted “Adonai” or “Lord” which happens when you put vowels in and YHWH becomes Yahweh (and then in the Middle Ages it morphed into Jehovah).  Yahweh was used as a third person name so it really is more likely translated “He who causes to be”.  The reader in 700 BC would identify as called by Elohim, and Yahweh to be Israel.  Once again, the God who saves.  The Jewish first commandment is, “I am the Lord (YHWH) your God (ELohim), who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.” Ex. 20:2.

            We were created for His glory.  the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together.”Is.40:5.  Two things.  First, it was public. The only event in scripture that was fulfilled to be God’s glory and in public was Jesus’ death and resurrection. God’s greatest glory is thus explained.  It isn’t His creation of the universe, or His seat in heaven. It is His salvation for us, the unlikeliest turn of events in history.  The author entered the play, solved the dilemma of sin and triumphed.  But there is more.

“ I am the Lord, I have called you in righteousness.  I have taken you by the hand and kept you.” Is. 42:6.  This is also the God of relationship.  Calls us out and doesn’t let go of our hand.  No matter what we have done, He keeps coming back in hot pursuit of us.  He told Moses, “I will be with your mouth and teach you what to speak.” Ex.4:12

            Then came the bombshell for the people of that day who saw the God of Israel as just the best god among many.  “Before Me no god was formed, Nor shall there be any after me.  I, I am the Lord and besides me there is no Savior. Is 43:12.  Psst! He’s the only God!

            But why does the only God make contact with us?  Already Isaiah has said, “All flesh is grass and all its beauty is like the flower of the field.  The grass withers, the flower fades, …but the word of our God will stand forever.”  Is.40:6,8. And ‘He Who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers” Is. 40:22.  The landlord in me wants to say ‘cockroaches’ but God chose ‘grasshoppers’, a plague that any farmer can understand.  So vile, pesky, and utterly without any redemptive feature!  That’s us. Yet the words continue in Isaiah 43:25, “I, I am he who blots out your transgressions for My Own sake, And I will remember your sins no more.” Here then is the God who loves.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16.

            I am just plain thrilled to be a “whosoever”

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Well, they finally impeached the President.  A former Marxist when young, the President ran on a centrist ticket of the party of the left and is now near the end of a second term.  The House passed an impeachment order yesterday and the trial now goes to the Senate.  At issue is the fact that the President cooked the books on employment statistics and national debt to make the country look like it was financially healthier.  What, you missed this news?  I’m talking about Dilma Rouseff, Pres. of Brazil.  Her Workers Party has demanded the impeachment of the 3 former Presidents but now claims this is nothing but a sexist right wing conspiracy.  The false statistics tried to hide 35 times as much budget deficit as was actual and unemployment was double the stated statistics.  Now that she is under impeachment trial, she is forced to step down from the office allowing the Veep to hold it until the trial is concluded.

            But, you say, nothing like this has occurred in our history.  Why, we promised not to impeach Obama!


Monday, May 9, 2016

WWTD--What Would Trump Do?

Take a breath and think about your life savings.   Long before I was in politics, I was a saver and investor.  Investments rescue your small business when you have a bad year. 4 out of 5 small businesses fail in the first two years and only about 5% make it to the 10 year mark. If you want to start a business from scratch, you have to have some scratch.

            Here comes the Trumpzilla vs. Hildebeast show.  What Will Trump Do?  And what will happen no matter who is elected?  Trump and Hillary believe in trade wars. The Hawley-Smoot Tariff, a protectionist trade war, caused an ordinary recession  to become the Great Depression.  Don’t take my word for it, see latest issue of The Economist concerning Trump.  “Mr. Trump has railed against trade deals for decades. . . viewed America’s trade deficit as evidence of foul play or poor negotiating skills. . . For those who believe in the gains from globalization and the American-led order, this is a truly terrifying world-view.”  Bottom line: USA’s economy under either Prez will be lackluster and US stocks are fairly high priced—be cautious.  Invest in property or precious metals or local businesses that serve necessities. 

Business investment hasn’t grown in 2 years.  Why would it?  To expand a biz and create jobs requires $2000-$11,000 per new employee just to satisfy Obamacare.  No new trucks, no new truck driver jobs.   Interest rates are historically cheap and that allows businesses to do “financial engineering” rather than expansion.  That is, you buy back stocks, using your earnings and cheap interest to finance.  We tax business too much.  Our corporate tax rates are the highest in the world and we double-tax income from abroad.  We have the worst depreciation allowances in the world. Obama raised capital gains, income taxes, and dividend taxes.  Is it any wonder that businesses do inversion—buy a tiny little company in Slobovia and claim it as the new parent company where taxes are1/3 as high.  We are over-regulated by federal agencies that used Obama to dream up draconian rules out of legislation that had been on the books for decades. EPA has a war on fossil fuels.  Hillary wants to kill coal and end fracking.  Can you believe this?  From 2009-2015 two industries kept us from being in perpetual recession—smart phones and fracking.  Dodd-Frank red tape holds back lending so business start-ups haven’t.  For the first time in 400 years, America now has fewer start-ups (in the last 5 years) than closures. Trump might fix some tax problems with our economy, but without a systematic plan to take down the bureaucracy or Fed, look for little to change.  We may slide toward Southern Europe.  (Lawrence Kudlow, recent column)   

Trump wants to repeal Obamacare, but has hinted he’d go for single payer.  Hill wants to ‘fix’ Obamacare, whatever that means.  Hill wants $15 min wage.  Trump is open to it.  Recent research shows that when min wage is kept below ½ of median wage ($21,000 or $10/hr.) it works okay. More, and it leads to resistance to hire. The big problem of Trump is knowing what he would settle for.  Hillary would $15 for sure.

 Trump wants to open federal policy to allow more drilling and reduce air rules to save the coal business.  Good ideas.   Frankendodd needs to be repealed but neither candidate is talking this.  And if interest is basically zero, how does the Fed fight a recession.  Low interest kills income from bank CDs and bonds for seniors, who because they have savings, are the investor class.  Just what the left wants—seniors dependent on government assistance and death to the investor class. In Germany and Netherlands, they now have negative interest.  Put your life savings in the bank and each quarter they charge you a bit for the privilege.  Small savers are putting it under their mattresses, but big companies can’t.  Watch for this “solution” to get mention by Democrats shortly.  They have already suggested zapping your 401K by a one-time (Ha!) 1% tax to help the debt. 

Put your money directly into things that government can’t easily tax.  Gold or silver or iridium works.  Rental properties work better, giving an income.  Cash will also be king. Stocks are high, but ownership of American business has always paid.  Europe is awful and Japan and China. Third world is disastrous from debt.  Even Australia, which went 22 years without recession, has overvalued stocks.  Because of the uncertainty, diversify,diversify, diversify.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I miss Ike

Okay, I surrender! I agree not to oppose Trump when he gets the nomination.  Why did I have that dream about how Trump lost and we are all going to be sued? Sued very, very badly.  Do you hear this?  Sued very, very badly! And let me say I am so glad he is now calling Hillary Crooked.  Last week I was the one being called Crooked so the heat is off of me.  Well, after all, I did vote for the Republican State Party Rules and have even voted to confirm a few changes at the last state party convention. It was just a sleepy “yea” when the question was called. Never realized that made me the Establishment running a  crooked convention,and  “fixed”, according to Donald.

             I sure miss Ike.  Heck, I even kinda miss Harry.  They didn’t call you names, although Harry had problems with “manure” in his lingo.  Sorry if you too young to remember.  And they wouldn’t have called the most honorable and transparent candidate I’ve seen in years, “Lyin’ Ted”.  He seemed more like Lion Ted to me. 

            All the Trump supporters had to do was to show up.  Show up at our county convention and put your name on a list to attend the district convention.  Then run to be a national delegate.  Nothing fixed or crooked here.  Just get out of bed.

            Donald won outright. The media as well as Hannity speculated that Trump is going to whine and dine delegates in Cleveland to win them all over.  Fancy meal, ride in the airplane, pay a little boksheesh as they say in India.  Really?  You have 2400 serious, patriotic, engaged delegates descending on Cleveland, during a year absolutely critical to the future of America. Do the media think they haven’t made up their minds? You think they would succumb to a bribe? Of course, Donald would throw in a copy of his new book, The Art of Complaining About a Raw Deal.

            He’ll probably  pick Rubio, Walker or Kasich for Veep as he has suggested.  Or  “Little Marco”, “Loser”, and “The Colluder who just struck oil in Ohio”, as he calls them affectionately.

            So now I can move on to thinking about how unready I am for Hillary.  Virginia is going to let felons vote for her.  If you have be incarcerated about so long, even Hillary looks good.  Hill says she learned to shoot in Pennsylvania.  Give me a break!  If Hillary could shoot, Bill would be six feet  under by now.  If Hillary and Bernie were on a boat and it was shot and sank, do you know who would survive?  America.  Of course, Hillary can’t seem to win a primary so it might be Bernie.  Bernie met the Pope and they didn’t get along too well.  Neither one of them liked the other’s holier-than-thou attitude. 

            Speaking of overseas, you think we've got troubles?  London’s mayor race has Sadiq Khan, a Muslim, up by 12 points.  He’s Trump lite.  He called peaceful Muslims, “Uncle Toms” the other day.  You know what I find weird about “Uncle Tom” is that in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel, he was an honorable soft-spoken man who worked to get slaves treated humanely and comforted them. The hero!  Supposedly, this is bad form, today where you have to be like Trump and Black Lives Matter. Darn, I miss Ike! 

            And then Caitlin is going to pose nude on the Sports Illustrated.  Just what sport are they illustrating? O’Reilly says every business should have to add a third restroom for Trannies.  Ouch!  That’ll be expensive for a lot of small biz guys. Let me name the restrooms.  I would name them, “Real Men”, “Real Women” and “Liberals”. 

            And today is the 10th anniversary of Gore’s 2006 “An Inconvenient Truth”.  Alas, Kilamanjaro still has a snow cap, Massive hurricanes, frequent hurricanes haven’t come about.  The constantly increasing temps are actually a 15-year hiatus.  The North Pole isn’t ice free yet and polar bear population has actually increased from 5000 to 20,000.  But Al got rich.  He did it the old-fashioned way by investing in government guaranteed alternative energy businesses.  They went bankrupt but Al got rich.  Democrats are a bunch of rich people telling poor people to vote for rich people because the other rich people are the problem.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

First, I think it is wonderful that a strong, 2nd Amendment, Republican woman is going to have her picture on the twenty dollar bill.  Say! Can we put Obama’s picture on the 20 trillion dollar debt note?

Well, now help me out with this.  So Trump has it won.  He is projected to win by the media.  He says he has won and that there is no reason for Cruz to stay in.  But then he keeps calling Cruz Lyin’ Ted and applauds Boehner calling Cruz, Lucifer.  Now, I ask you, how is this supposed to encourage party unity?  What kind of guy, upon winning, keeps calling the opponent names? 

Yet if Trump has it won, I am eager to come to a meeting of the minds and support him.  So here are a few dumb questions from an Oklahoma dummy.

1.      Donald, you graduated from Sloan School of Management, Wharton College, right? And some economists at Wharton in the 1970s proved  that the Great Depression was a normal recession that became the Great Depression primarily because of the Hawley-Smoot Tariff, that is, a trade war. You heard this, didn’t you? So are we going to have a trade war with China?

2.     You say you’ll build a wall with no cost to us whatsoever, but Mexico will foot the bill.  Okay, then what?  Is your website correct that you propose to bring back 95% of the illegals and give them a pathway to citizenship? Isn’t that Chuck Schumer’s Amnesty plan rewarmed or is it not?

3.     You have pledged to be the best  of friends of all our allies but threaten to abandon alliances if they won’t pay up.  Which will it be?

4.     You said you were against getting involved in Iraq, disagreed with nation-building, but say you will destroy ISIS and stabilize the Middle East.  How?

5.     You say you will punish China on trade.  And you will get them to control N. Korea. How?

6.     You say you will work with our Muslim allies, but you will keep Muslims out of our country.  How is this supposed to work?

7.     You say you are a better Christian than Ted, but told a reporter that you don’t ask God for forgiveness,because you have not done anything wrong.  Explain how this is part of your Presbyterian Calvinist doctrine.  Or any Christian doctrine.  What do you make of the passage that says, “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us…”?

8.     You say you are an outsider who is at war with the establishment. But Cruz is an insider.  However, for the record, hasn’t Cruz fought the Washington establishment several years now?  What concrete thing have you done to fight the establishment (apart from rhetorical)?

9.     If you are pro-life and Planned Parenthood performs 85% of the abortions in USA, why do you want to continue to fund them fully?

10.  You say you want to repeal Obamacare.  You said you liked the Obamacare mandate.  Just what do you propose to replace Obamacare with?

So I will not say that I won’t support Trump.  If he answers, say, half these questions in a conservative way, look for this dumb Okie  to join his ranks.  But if he refuses, I will continue to consider him a flim-flam salesman who tells his supporters what they want to hear—that America will be great again, that they can have it all--despite the contradictions of his no-substance big talk and personal invective name-calling.