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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Athletic Supporter Vents

I guess I am bummed out by what is happening to the Big XII, or Big 5 or whatever we are down to at this point. Love football. Hate the way the NCAA does it. As if it weren't bad enough that colleges exploit young talented athletes who are largely minorities (I thought Lincoln freed the slaves), rarely graduates 'em (tell me, what is the goal of a college?), and makes millions without paying them a dime, now they have to abandon the league just because they are greedy for more money. The University of Oklahoma makes $30 million profit from athletics. They have roughly 30,000 students whose tuition is about double that. But of course the college only breaks even on education. Why don't we apply truth in advertizing law. You know, when a company sells sausage with gravy, if the gravy exceeds the sausage, they have to say, "gravy with sausage"--principal item must be listed first. So the colleges could be "Athletic Program with Incidental Education".

Heck, half the rooters have never darkened the door of the college in the first place. And only about 30% of NCAA football and basketball players ever graduate from college. Why don't we call them unpaid pros instead of students? And then there are the unfortunate professors who will have a hard time associating with other profs of the conference. Last I heard the remainder of the Big XII was thinking about merging with the Big East which has schools like Rutgers (New Jersey) and Connecticut. So then Texas Tech, Kansas State, and Oklahoma U. have strong programs in tornadic research. Do you think U-Conn Job and Rootgers have the slightest interest in tornados? Aren't they researching recipes for seaweed? Just try jumping in a university car and driving to a conference in Hoboken. Maybe the Big East has someone hot on the trail of irrigated corn varieties.

Best argument I have heard for the break-up is that it may force the BCS to come up with a truly national championship tournament for football. Good deal. I suggest a 64 team single elimination tournament which ends about April and least bloody team probably wins. And then all the paint sniffers and derelicts around here can wear their proud athletic apparel covered with tatters and stains. Really makes you want to send your kid there to get an education, doesn't it?